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Real estate / Architecture 

Apartments purchasing  Asbestos technical items (ATI) 
Assembling heater systems, gas supplies, water supply and sewerage  Building constructions 
Building general  Building, repair: Roads / Bridges / Tunnels 
Construction / Repair: Offices / Apartment houses / Buildings  Construction materials other 
Construction materials-asphalt / Reinforced concrete / Concrete  Construction materials-cement / Rock / Brick 
Construction materials-granite-marble  Construction methods 
Construction work-demolition / Disassembly  Construction works: Other 
Construction, repair and reconstruction of engineering structures and special objects  Construction, repair and reconstruction of transmission lines 
Construction, repair and reconstruction of waterways and aquicultural structures
Construction, repair of pipe ducts (objects, water supply, sewerage) 
Construction: Electricity / Feeble current  Construction: Electricity / Strong current 
Construction: Hydraulic structures  Construction: restoration / redesign 
Country and garden houses  Design services 
Design works  Finishing materials / Leather finishing agents 
Glass  Houses sale 
Preparation of a building plot / Earthwork operations  Property administration 
Real estate / Rent  Real estate purchase 
Real property operations  Repair works 
Road maintenance / Highway striping / Road signes fixing  Summer residences / Cottages / Sauna 
Windows  Other 
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