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Machinery / Mechanical engineering industry 

Surfaces and coverage plotting finishing work  Aircraft industry 
Automotive industry  Boiler fabrication / Heat exchange equipment 
Chemical and petroleum machine industry  Cutting metals 
Die forging  Electrotechnical and Utilities equipment 
Food-processing industry machinery constructions  Foundry technique / Equipment 
Handling machinery industry  Instrumental production 
Light industry machinery constructions  Locomotive engineering / Car building 
Machine-tool industry  Machinery construction of industry / Domestic devices 
Machinery constructions for trade / Public catering  Machinery details and assembly units / Integration 
Metallurgical machine industry  Mountain machine industry 
Municipal machinery construction  Non-metallic products 
Non-standard and special purpose equipment  Polygraphic machinery constructions 
Powdered materials products  Process equipment 
Propulsion engineering  Reconditioning / equipment servicing / Instruments 
Reconditioning / Servicing aircraft technicians  Roads / Building machinery construction 
Robotics / Automation / Instrumentation technologies  Shipbuilding / Ship repair / Ship equipment 
Space engineering / Rocket production  Technique / Assembly production equipment 
Technique of contemporary machinery  Test and checkout equipment 
Thermal and hardening machining  Tractor / Agricultural machinery constructions 
Turbine construction  Welding and electrical processing of materials 
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